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Welcome to Betancourt Realty
Established in 1996, Betancourt Realty has established itself as a leader in the Chicagoland Real Estate Industry with the unveiling of its new, state of the art, and multi-level boutique office at 2041 West Division, built to serve its ever expanding customer base.

Through the years, Betancourt Realty has emerged in the community and has grown to reflect the qualities and attributes of the surrounding Wicker Park and Bucktown Neighborhood. Betancourt Realty consists of a multi-cultural work force and prides itself on embracing diversity and takes great pride in maintaining its unique methodology in handling the communities Real Estate needs.
Relocating to Chicago Wicker Park?

Thinking of relocating to Chicago? Let a Betancourt Realty Relocation Consultant help you every step of the way. Betancourt offers those relocating to Chicago comprehensive city information and insightful tips.

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Betancourt Charities

We CareBetancourt Realty believes in giving back to the community we serve. Our agents and staff are actively involved in a variety of charities.

Click here to learn how Betancourt "Cares" and gives back. More Info >>